Common Residential Roofing Products


Although it serves the same function, there are differences when it comes to commercial and residential roofing. There are several options that homeowners can use when it comes to either replacing or repairing their roof. It would be best to reach out to a residential roofing company to have the work completed in no time.


When it comes to your roofing needs, you can always rely on the services offered by residential roofing Rockwall, Texas companies. You can trust these companies to always complete the work for you in no time. These businesses are experts when it comes to the installation and the repair of any parts of your roof. They can also offer property owners various options to complete the work.


Asphalt shingles are considered as the most common roofing option. Because the product is very affordable, most residential property owners in the country prefer to make use of these products. If you are going to ask a residential roofing Rockwall, Texas company, they would likely tell you that the asphalt shingles they will be using is made using different organic raw materials or with fiberglass. Although there are a lot of advantages when using this product, asphalt shingles do not stand a chance against strong and severe weather conditions like during hurricanes.


An alternative to asphalt shingles are clay residential roofing products that are also marketed at a cheaper cost. Other than its well-defined shapes, clay products come in different colors. Other than being inexpensive, clay residential products are also very to install. Find Out More Now!


Considered as a more expensive option, cedar shakes or pine shakes are a popular option that residential roofing Rockwall companies offer to their clients. Not only are these materials made from raw products, they are also very beautiful to look at when correctly placed on the roof. These shakes are created from raw materials like dead trees and bark that are usually gathered from the forest.


Metal roofing products are also very popular with residential property owners across the country. These products are more expensive compared to other options, but it has a lot of advantages to offer to the property where it will be installed to. Other than being resistant to fire, metal products can also withstand severe weather conditions. Additionally, metal roofing products are known to last for a very long time. On an average, most of these products are able to last up to 50 years before they require to be replaced.


Speak with a residential roofing Rockwall company to check on the best option that you can use for your roof. These professionals can also provide you an estimate on how much you will be spending if you are going to use which product for your roof. Learn More Now!

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